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Welcome to Hyphenates Books!

Given the revolution in publishing technology, bringing the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of books within grasp of a small business model, and not merely the purview of behemoth corporations, we were inspired to launch ourselves into a new business with a great deal of enthusiasm, and not a lot of experience.

While our initial intent was to bring to market previously published books by one of our principals, Donald Bain--we've released his autobiography, Murder, HE Wrote, in digital format--we also discovered that there were other stories waiting to be read for the first time that we wanted to bring you as well. Taking Tennessee to Hart  by Joe Stockdale, an exciting new voice on the literary scene, is doing well.  And now Joe's autobiography Stages: A Life in the Theatre is available as a trade paperback . See a description of all our books on the Books Page.

And stay tuned for more from Hyphenates Books.

Hyphenates Books
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Available for the first time from Hyphenates Books, Joe Stockdale's memories of a life in the theatre as actor, director, producer and playwright--and of course theatre professor--is chock full of history and humor, commentary and a peek backstage to see how many of his students became stars.
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